Natural way for Healthy Hair

Tips for healthy hairTips for healthy hair

Natural way for Healthy Hair.

Treatment of Hair Loss:

Carrots are great for combating hair loss as they provide your hair with vital vitamins, making them stronger, thicker and shinier. Drinking carrot juice for hair makes your hair healthy. This is the best benefit of carrots for hair.

# Stimulates Hair Growth:
Consuming 3 to 4 ounces of carrot juice daily stimulates hair growth as well as thickens your hair. Vitamin C and Vitamin E in carrots improve circulation in the scalp, thus promoting hair growth and prevent premature graying of hair.

# Trim your hair every month: 
The ideal way to ensure that your hair grows faster is by trimming your hair every four to eight weeks. Since your hair grows from the roots, by the time it grows out, the end of your gets split ends because of which your hair gets damaged and rough. Trimming your hair will ensure that your hair breathes oxygen and is healthy and grows long.

# Hot oil massage: 
A hot oil massage if done every alternate week works wonders for your hair. Not only do they ensure that your hair grows faster, but it also makes your hair healthy and reduces hair fall. Oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil and lavender oil brings shine and volume to your hair.

# Vitamin and proteins for your hair: 
Just a massage of vitamin E or the application of egg yolk on your hair will bring volume and make your hair healthy. They are also known to heal damaged hair and makes your hair stronger from the roots.

# Brush your hair at least 50 times before bedtime:
Make sure that you are combing your hair for at least 50 times before you retire for the night. Brushing the hair makes your roots stronger and also reduces hair fall manifold.