Why Vegetarian Diet is a Better Choice?

Vegetarian DietWhat is Vegetarian Diet ?

Vegetarian diet includes the foodstuffs that are nourishing as well as easily digestible. This mainly includes healthy, fresh and easily digestible Satvic foods such as seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, ghee, milk, milk products, raisins and the food items that are high in protein, minerals and vitamins.

This means that the vegetarian diet which has lots of fresh fruits, organic vegetables, balanced intake of grains, nuts, legumes and seeds, provides with sufficient and required amount of protein, vitamins and minerals for health, balance and energy.

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for vegetarian diet -

  1. Biologically humans are more suited to a vegetarian diet as eating of meat taxes the digestive process as it is believed that the non-vegetarian diet is not easily digestible.
  2. Consuming meat on a regular basis leads to formation of toxins, which when accumulated in the body as ama can further lead to ailments like gout, kidney stones, skin diseases, rheumatism or gallstones.
  3. Also being Rajasic in nature, the non-vegetarian diet would promote aggression, violence and angry behaviour.
  4.  The health benefits of vegetarian diet are immense as it is high in fibre, antioxidants and vitamins and also it is low in calories, fat & sugar.
  5.  Vegetarian diet provides with lower risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity, as vegetables have more fibre and less fat.
  6.  The vegetarian diet is easily digestible and thus helps in strengthening various organs of the body viz. the pancreas, stomach, liver and intestines.
  7. The Satvic diet also improves the skin texture, provides with natural glow and also imbibes anti-aging virtues. This is how you can maintain your natural beauty and age gracefully!
  8. The vegetarian diet which is light in nature also creates a lightness of mind and body, making you emotionally aware, active and positive.
  9.  Also, as the vegetarian diet is comparatively low in fat content, this will keep you full of energy and zeal, whereas the non-vegetarian diet being fat laden results into causing more lethargy, both of the body as well as mind.