Valentines Day Quotes SMS Love Greetings Sayings

Valentines Day Valentines Day Quotes SMS Love Greetings Sayings

Here is the Romantic Happy Valentines Day 2015 Quotes, Happy Valentines Day !!

I am sure that you must be willing to present your heartiest feelings to the love of your life. So, don’t wait my dear!
Just express your love to your darling in this festive week of Valentine. Simply browse through the heart touching Valentines Day quotes.
It will easily boost up the trust & belief within you and your beloved partner.

O my dear Valentine
Whats life ?
Life is love.
Whats love ?
Love is kissing.
Whats kissing ?
Come here and I show you..!!
Happy Valentine’s Day My Love..

Don’t wait until it’s too late
to tell someone how much you love,
how much you care.
Because when they’re gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry,
they won’t hear you anymore.
Happy Valentine’s Day

V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A… for I will Always be yours
L… for Love at its most extreme
E… for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N… for Never-ending love
T… for we will Always be Together forever
I… for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I luv you to
E… for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .
Happy Valentine’s Day

You make my heart feel as light and carefree
as a butterfly floating through the air
on a sweet spring day.
I cherish the gift of love
that we have been given,
and the happiness you provide.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!

You fill my life with a sense of warmth and bliss,
and I cannot imagine a day without looking into your eyes,
holding your hand, or kissing your lips.
Happy Valentine’s Day to the center of my universe.
Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest valentine I could want.
You are my sweetheart, and I am glad you’re mine.
Happy Valentine’s Day My Love..

If You Say Jump, I Will Ask How High,
If You Say I Swim, I Will Ask How Deep.
If You Say Run, I Will Ask The Distance,
But If You Say Go, I Will Say There Is No Way.
Because You Are My Destination.
Happy Valentines day 2015 to you my love !!!

I need you like a butterfly needs its wings,
an ice bear needs cold weather
and a soul needs a body.
Happy Valentine Day my Love..!!

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day,
a day full of romanticism and love.
With you, however, it’s Valentine’s Day every day!
I love you!
Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on this Earth
and it’s only because I have found
the most precious jewel of this world.
It’s you, my love.
You are the only thing that looks good on me.
Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

So Many Time
I Thought I’d Never
Find Sum1 To Love Me
d Way I Needed 2 B
Loved Then
U Came In My Life
Showed Me
What True Love
Really Is :)
Happy Valentine’s Day

You’ve always been my sunshine on a cloudy day,
my shoulder to cry on
and a helpful hand when I needed you.
You deserve this special day
as a reminder of the impact you’ve made on my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day my love..!!

If kisses were water
I would give you the sea
if hugs were the leaves
I would give you a tree
but if love was time
I would give you eternit.
Lots of Love to my Valentine
Happy Valentine Day !!

You’ve always been there for me
when I have needed you the most.
You’re a shoulder to cry on
and a helping hand,
you have filled my life
with a sense of warmth and bliss.
Happy Valentine’s Day to my special man.

Its d Month of
Proposals n Dates,
Chocolates n Gifts,
Hugs n LuvSongs

It’s feb..

Wishng u a Love filled
Valentine Month..!!

Happy Valentine day to all the readers.. !!! Love is in Air…