12 Tips to Save Money at Home

Tips to Save Money  at Home12 Tips to Save Money  at Home !! Surprise !!
Here few general tips to reduce the house hold expenses. 

1. Transfer the amount required for monthly house hold expenses to a separate bank account. You can start spending through this account only. You can able to monitor your expenses easily and also identify the expenses which can reduce or avoid.

2. Avoid buying provisions from big super markets and stores located at malls. Identify some medium size provision stores (Whole Seller) where you can buy your monthly provision at whole sale price.

3. Buy vegetables from markets instead buying from your door step shops.

4. Prepare snacks at home itself instead buying junk foods and beverages.

5. You can also reduce the eating out. This saves a lot.

6. Save Domestic GAS by cooking in Covered Utensils...

7. Keeping a budget record for household expenditure. (So you know monthly expenses)

8. Making sure cooked food at home should not be waste.

9. Walking instead of taking rickshaws whenever possible. (Good for Pocket and Health )

10. Shop for bargain:- I don’t know how many time you ask for the concession of the goods but it can be really helpful if you like to shop the place where you can bargain but in this case you have to find the market place and not all places you can do that but it can save your money too if you buy goods with giving the money less.

11. Save Electricity bills :-  Washing clothes in full load, switching off fans and lights and other appliances when not required. You can set timer to switch of your air conditioner in the early morning at 4’O clock instead running till you wake up. Since the temperature will be very low at early morning you can save cost through electricity by reducing the usage of your air conditioner. I am amazed at how many people don’t do this.

12. Stay home :-  The more you are out running around the more money you spend in purchases, gas, food, etc.